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Where children socialise, learn, grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.
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The Lighthouse Day Care Nursery, Leamington Spa

The Lighthouse Nursery and Pre School in Leamington Spa provides a very high standard of child care and education for children aged 6 months to school age and is rated as Outstanding by Ofsted - (last report 26th February 2020). The children are looked for by the same dedicated key workers each day so they get to know and trust them well and feel safe and secure in their care.  Eighty percent of the nursery nurses at The Lighthouse Nursery are fully qualified and all are very experienced and passionate about providing children with a secure, happy, base from which they can learn, socialise, develop and grow.

The Lighthouse Nursery is very well resourced with a wide range of both indoor and outdoor play equipment including books, bikes, scooters, role play toys, musical instruments, creative tools, ICT resources, construction materials, sand, water, messy play and much more!  The children are provided with many interesting and stimulating opportunities each day including outside play in a large, lawned, natural garden. They are encouraged to develop a wide range of skills across all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which includes problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world, communication and literacy, developing physical skills, expressing themselves creatively using a wide range of different mediums and art forms. Very importantly, the children are also assisted to develop good personal, social and emotional skills so they learn how to interact effectively with other children and the adults working with them. The children are encouraged to become secure individuals who are active and confident learners so that they are fully prepared to make the best of life’s opportunities and the transition to school.

Parental participation is welcomed - and actively sought - at The Lighthouse Nursery. As well as the daily handover sessions between parents and key workers, there are trips out, Christmas parties, regular review sessions, folders recording the children’s developmental milestones, newsletters, information boards and so on.

The children eat a balanced diet of healthy food which is all sourced from Sainsbury’s and is cooked on site by a fully qualified chef. Babies also eat home cooked meals which are tailored to their individual needs in terms of both taste and texture.

The Lighthouse Nursery is located in a beautiful listed building with high ceilings and large windows near the Warwickshire College in Leamington Spa. The atmosphere in very welcoming and the children enjoy both busy periods and times to relax throughout the daily routine. The Lighthouse Nursery has been operating for fourteen years, has won several quality awards and is currently full. A waiting list is maintained for families who are interested in joining the nursery.

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